About Us

It all began in a pub........ having broken down somewhere in Suffolk we had to wait in a pub (shame) for the AA to rescue us. Over a couple of drinks, we began to discuss further about starting our own business. Having gone through many ideas of what products to specialise in we decided upon confectionary, weddings, Christmas, parties and all things related. So now here we are eight years in and still going strong. We tested the water by using third party sites such as Ebay and Amazon and still have a presence on these platforms. The next, and biggest step, is to have our own wonderful website, and here it is. We hope you enjoy browsing through.

What we do

If you’re getting married, having a party or just fancy treating yourself to some sweets then you’ve come to the right place. We stock a wide range of confectionary from retro to modern day. Chewy or crunchy, sweet or sour, soft or hard, we have them all. We are constantly updating our website with new and exciting products to help your party go smoothly so please add us to your favourites.